Young Adults - iMPACT

As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.

Proverbs 27:17

We believe that the unique combination of an age of maturing and an age typically characterized by minimal responsibility or restrictions creates an opportunity for this group to change the world for Jesus in drastic proportions.  The iMPACT Young Adults Ministry believes that in order for this movement to be as successful as possible and glorify God at max capacity the group must be a multicultural and multiethnic body with young adults from all financial and educational backgrounds.  The group desires to be trendsetting and transcending so reflecting heaven in our physical make up, our passion for worship, and our unwavering commitment to the study of the word is part of how we believe this desire will be fulfilled.  While young adults are no longer children we are also not yet who we will become so The Way desires to help every young adult develop into the adult the Lord desires for them to be.  Finding destiny, purpose, calling, and direction while part of iMPACT is something we believe every young adult can and should do.  Every young adult will be seen as a whole person not just a member of the church.  iMPACT strives to minister to each persons mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual needs.  iMPACT is above all a Christian community that will serve as Jesus served and love as Jesus loved with all the freedom afforded to young adults.  The iMPACT Young Adults ministry will live in the tension between autonomy and unity within the church as we are a special group within the church that will do many things on our own but we are well aware that we are also the connection between the youth and the adults and that role is vitally important to the longterm health of our church.  We are always a part of The Way and this enhances our ability to have iMPACT.

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