Family Prayer Service - We can't wait to be with your family!

This form is primarily to prepare our leaders and our prayer team for you family's "Prayer Service"
On the date your family has chosen you will gather together and be prayed with by the leadership and prayer team at The Way.  We want to give you all of our attention so this will take place once the service concludes and everyone else is released so don't be nervous.  This is designed to be about 15-20 minutes but that depends on the size of the family, the needs, and how the Lord moves during that time.  We know that every family has needs both big and small and we believe in the power of prayer to bring hope that endures while things unfold and we also believe in the power of prayer to change things immediately so we expect to see both happen for your family.  You may need reconciliation or restoration within relationships in the family, or maybe there are health, financial, or emotional needs.  Whatever the needs are we want you to know that you are not alone and someone at The Way considers you family and they want to be with you and be prayed for together.  
Please fill in as much or as little information as you feel comfortable sharing.  This will help us to be seeking the Lord on your behalf before your "Family Prayer Service".

The Way also offers a free prayer devotional and prayer course if you are interested. 

Use link to download our app then navigate to "Development Courses"

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Please share the link you received from your loved one with your friends and family to make sure everyone is encouraged to be a part of this special day!